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Custom Interiors

Explore our Interiors services, redefining automotive comfort and style. Elevate every touchpoint of your vehicle with our expertly crafted custom upholstery services. Transform your driving experience by upgrading armrests and door panels, adding a touch of luxury to every journey. Our meticulous attention extends to door seals, ensuring a seamless fit that enhances both aesthetics and functionality. Experience the difference with our auto custom carpets, tailored to perfection for a plush and personalized interior.

At Rich's Custom Upholstery, precision and personalized elegance define every detail. Let us transform your driving experience, where comfort meets craftsmanship and style meets substance. Upgrade your vehicle with our custom services, reflecting your unique taste and lifestyle.Say goodbye to standard factory interiors and hello to a personalized space that reflects your unique style.


Perfect Fit, Every Time


Craftsmanship that exceeds Expectations


Elevate Value and Comfort

Our Promise

Whether you're looking to upgrade your ride with Custom Seat Installations or rejuvenate the overall appeal with Auto Interiors, we've got you covered. We pride ourselves on delivering precision and attention to detail, ensuring every stitch reflects your individual taste.

  • Comprehensive Interiors Makeover
  • Luxurious Armrests and Door Panels
  • Seamless Door Seals
  • Plush Auto Custom Carpets
  • Ambiance-Defining Headliners
  • Finishing Touch with Dash Covers
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Our conversions are tailored and designed to meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications for a perfect fit every time.

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