Auto Interior Upholstery Available in Seattle, WA

Rich's Custom Upholstery creates custom auto interior upholstery solutions that will match the style and character of your ride. We are often told by our customers that their expectations were exceeded. that is one reason why we have been in business since 1976. We never get tired of seeing the satisfied look or customer give the final job. Especially when they come in to the shop to pick up their baby and the results are revealed.


Your floor carpeting, which can get pretty well worn over time, needs to be replaced to truly give the interior a major lift. You can choose to use a material/color which does not draw attention, or get bold and create an extra “accent”.







Your doors are also an important part of the overall auto upholstery interior. In this example, we installed this 2 Tone almond/Beige leather kit in a 2011 Chevy Silverado with matching 2 Tone door panels! You do not HAVE TO replace your panels with boring stock colors…







Even though headliners are not often really seen as important or recognized as an overall finishing touch to an auto custom interior job,they play an important role. For this 1953 Ford Custom Liner, an absolutely beautiful car, we installed this suspended headliner, great work team!



Sometimes you just need something repaired and not completely replaced. This is where our team really shines. Whether it is leather or cloth, chances are we’ll be able to repair it to where you will no longer be sure it was even damaged.






Although the heavy-duty vinyl or canvas that most convertible tops or fabric roof covers are made from is waterproof, durable and long-lasting, over time the elements can take their toll.


red-car-interior- Rich's Custom Upholstery

old-car-classic-green-Rich's Custom Upholstery

old-caddilac-black-interior-Rich's Custom Upholstery-seattle