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Pro Seat Covers - Faux Leather Car Seat Cover Set

Faux Leather Cover Set

Faux-Leather Car Seat Cover Set consists of:
• Two bucket seat covers, each including a headrest cover
• One rear split bench cover
Faux-Leather Car Seat Cover Set
- Stylish cover set guards vehicle upholstery
- Adds the look of luxury to car interiors
- Faux-leather material treated with protective coating
- 3mm of foam padding disperses heat, keeping passengers cool during hot summer days
- Concealed velcro opening and adjustable straps for easy installation, removal, and reattachment
- Rear seat cover for all types of split benches, including seats that partially fold down
- Special stitching for side airbag compatibility
- Durable, stretchy fabric with opening pocket for storage
Good to Know
- Compatibility guide
- Semi-customized to fit most vehicles
- Compatible with removable headrests only
- Engineered to accommodate traditional and heated seats
- Water-resistant
- Spot clean only

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Cross-Weave Fabric Auto Seat Covers

Pro Car Seat Covers - Cross-Weave Fabric Auto Seat Covers

Cross-Weave Fabric Auto Seat Covers

Set Contents -
- Two front bucket-seat covers
- One two-piece rear bench-seat cover (back rest and bottom-bench cover)
- Five separate head rest covers
- One set of mesh cloth extensions
- One bag of snaps

Cross-Weave Fabric Auto Seat Covers
- Compatible with most vehicles with detachable head rests
- Airbag compatible
- Easy slip-on installation
- Protect seats from wear and tear
- Works with heated seats
- Machine wash, air dry
- Front-seat cover is tested for side-airbag compatibility
- Back of front seat made of durable, stretchy fabric with storage pocket
- Bucket covers with velcro opening on top to easily replace head rests
- Rear-seat covers both have zippers to accommodate 40/60, 60/50, and 50/50 splits
- Mesh extensions cover exposed rear-bench area when split
- Zippers also allow cup holder or armrest to fold down
- 52” rear-seat covers can be expanded or shortened to 40”–56”

- Front seat: 21”x20”
- Front back rest: 27”x20”
- Rear bench seat: 52”x26”
- Rear bench back rest: 52”x32”

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