How To Clean Carpets In Your Car

We found a really great article on how to clean your leather car seats on our friend’s website over at WikiHow.
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There are several tips on cleaning various stains and foreign materials from your carpet. The reason for so many ways to clean stains out of the carpet is because different staining materials react differently to cleaning agents and/or require specific steps to be taken for the best results in the care and cleaning of your vehicles carpets:
(1) Get rid of general stains with hot water
(2) Dilute coffee, alcohol, and soda spills with cold water
(3) Clean up vomit stains with club soda
(4) Lift pen stains with hairspray or salt
(5) Rid your car of greasy stains with paint thinner
(6) Spray glass cleaner onto the stained area
(7) Make a hydrogen peroxide paste
(8) Treat blood stains with a laundry starch paste
(9) Clean off gum after freezing it
(10) Apply Borax to get rid of animal smells
(11) Rub in a meat tenderizer mixture

As mentioned previously, these various techniques work with different organic and inorganic materials and staining agents, including animal residues and blood.

They also provide a great community forum, where you can find answers to questions that you might have asked yourself.

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“Cleaning your vehicle’s carpet may not seem as important as maintaining your car’s engine and other mechanical parts. However, cleaning the interior of your vehicle can certainly be the difference between a bad looking car and a well-maintained and loved vehicle. Cleaning the carpeting of your vehicle is easy and does not take very much time at all. The reward of peace and cleanliness that a clean car interior provides is far greater than the little time it takes to carry out this simple task.”
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For the full article please visit their webpage:

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